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This week we focus on a couple of team members from two different job disciplines – A Software Developer and an Interaction Designer.  Tiffany Cheng is in the design team and Sanika Bhide, one of our up-and-coming developers.

We’re always intrigued as to how people came to join Finger Food. In this case,  both Sanika and Tiffany were recent graduates. Sanika completed her Electrical Engineering degree at UBC last year, and Tiffany attended the well-respected School of Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University. We’ve always believed that Finger Food is a great platform for graduates, and in the coming months we’ll be launching a program that further drives that initiative.

Hanging out in Beautiful BC

Anyway, back to the important stuff – Tiffany and Sanika! A well as getting to grips with our team’s prior experience, it’s always fascinating to find out what people like about working here.. everyone has a different answer.

I love the atmosphere at Finger Food. It’s fast-paced and there’s never a dull moment. 

Sanika Bhide

“I love the atmosphere at Finger Food. It’s fast-paced and there’s never a dull moment. Getting to work with smart and motivated people with their unique backgrounds and skill-sets makes life at Finger Food even more fun!”, commented Sanika.

Tiffany holds a similar view, “Definitely the people! Don’t tell anyone I said this, but the people here are genuinely such an amazing bunch. Not only are they all extremely intelligent and dependable; they’re also such a silly and weird bunch, (in a nice way!) making it a truly fun place to work!”

In at the deep-end

A lot of people who join Finger Food will tell you that they’re pretty much thrown into the excitement from day 1 (maybe day 2!) That’s the case with these two bright sparks, who have been involved in exciting projects already.

Sanika and Tiffany certainly feel like they’re still learning. Sanika commented,  “There are so many exciting projects to work on at Finger Food, and it’s a never-ending supply of learning. What sets us apart is that we are always building custom software solutions in unique ways using a variety of cutting edge technologies including VR/MR/AR, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and so much more”.

Sanika is currently working on developing a backend API on Microsoft Azure. She added, “Everybody wants to move their solutions to the cloud these days and it’s awesome that I get the chance to learn about cloud development and stay ahead of the game!”.

Tiffany spoke about her role as an Interaction Designer and detailed that when clients come to Finger Food with an opportunity or a challenge, it’s here job to envision what the solution looks like, as well as how to make it come to life. 

Out and about in the Community

“The best part of being a designer is that it gives me the opportunity to learn more about different groups of people. To me, a good designer has to understand how their users will think, act, and behave in order to create designs that are truly meaningful and useful to them”, added Tiffany.

Tiffany is also excited that with such a range of diverse clients, she’s had tons of opportunities to work in many different industries, learning and designing for many different groups of people.

Diverse Clients

As a company, we continue to push the boundaries of technology, and more often than not, it’s our teams that come up with new ideas and innovative solutions. With this in mind, we’re intrigued to hear what Tiffany and Sanika thought was NEXT..

“I think we’re going to see more and more robots take a pronounced role in the average home.”

Tiffany Cheng

Sounds like Tiffany has been watching a few too many Star Wars movies, but maybe she’s onto something…

“We’ve already seen a huge growth in robot advancement, but I think we’re going to see more and more robots take a pronounced role in the average home. Similar to how our day to day lives have been greatly affected by the invention of mobile phones, I expect there to be a similar robotic invention that will impact how people interact with their homes and daily living.” Robots rock, by the way.

Sanika took a look into the future, “The coolest advancement I can see happening in the next 5 years is the incorporation of edge computing and IOT solutions to digitally transform businesses. Cloud computing has made huge strides in the past few years and the next frontier is to bring similar capabilities of the cloud closer to where they are required”.

Overall, we’re glad that these two are having fun, in jobs they’re clearly excited about.  They’ve both made major contributions to a number of projects, and we’re delighted to have them on board. Come and join them, we’re hiring! 

For more information about the company, or if you have any further questions, please email our team