Passion for Tech attracts Calgary Developers

Great city. Great opportunity.


The Finger Food team is growing, and it’s growing fast! We’ve hired 45 people across our 3 locations in the last three months – 27 in Calgary alone. In the mix are two new additions to our amazing team of Software Developers, Brandon Devaleriola and Yossi Gruner.

Originally from Israel, Gruner immigrated to Calgary from Tel Aviv only 10 months ago with his wife and two children. Gruner’s background boasts 10 years expertise in Android, Blockchain, and web development and management- including more than 5 years at SIRIN LABS where he helped to develop Solarin, the world’s best luxury mobile phone, and Finney, the first Blockchain phone for mass-market.

New to Canada, Gruner enjoys exploring Alberta with his family

“I’m a geek! I love technology; I read about it a lot, and play a lot of games,” says Gruner. The self-professed geek says his passion for technology is more of a drive to find something new and challenging, than anything else. 

I like new technologies… I want to create… it drives me.

Yossi Gruner, Senior Software Developer

“Whenever I start a new project I have a lot of passion. I like new technologies; They make me feel hungry to do new things and remain on the cutting edge of new tech. I want to create…it drives me,” says Gruner.

As one of our Senior Software Developers, Gruner is excited about the future of the company and the potential for growth in his career.

“I’m with our CEO, Ryan. I think we can definitely get to 200 people [in Calgary] in the next few years and who knows, maybe 2000 across Canada after that,” says Gruner, “I hope I can be a team leader in Calgary then.” 

For Intermediate Software Developer Brandon Devaleriola, the feeling is the same. 

“I’m excited about Finger Food becoming the premiere tech company in Calgary,” says Devaleriola, “I feel that as we grow [here] there are going to be bigger projects that give me, and us as a team, the opportunity to learn and to grow even more.” 

Devaleriola spent the last three years developing web and mobile platform-based software. He was drawn to Finger Food by the diverse portfolio that the company has showcased on their website. 

Love of emerging technologies and big name client-base convinced Devaleriola to join Finger Food team

“When I went onto the website, I was looking at Lululemon, Softbank and MEC. It’s not only the caliber of companies, but the brands that fit, maybe not with my lifestyle, but the types of industries and values that I want to work with,” says Devaleriola.

“When I decided to move somewhere else, I looked at the ethical values of prospective employers and whether or not those values fit with who I want to be working with. The ethics of what I do matter a lot to me.”

Devaleriola says that moving to Finger Food seemed like a risk at first but the change has definitely paid off. Working for Finger Food has given him the opportunity to learn and make decisions that make an impact.

I took the risk and it unfolded into something bigger and more than I could have imagined.

Brandon Devaleriola, Intermediate Software Developer

“You don’t really know the company that you’re going into. You can see the website but that doesn’t explain everything,” says Devaleriola, “I took the risk and it unfolded into something bigger and more than I could have imagined.”

Born and raised in Calgary, Devaleriola has always enjoyed building customized PCs and working with hardware to create things. His love for creativity lead him to his degree in Computer Information Systems and has allowed him to pull his knowledge of Arduino and robotics into his hobbies. 

“I’m a bit of a homebody…I get to add a lot of my personal skills and skills that I learned in my degree into my hobbies. I understand what it takes to take a general product and modify it to solve my own specific problems,” says Devaleriola.

“I grew up doing watercolour art and miniature model building, it formed my thinking as a maker. I really enjoy the unique experience and challenges of creating things. I also like to teach tech – explaining that stuff to people, teaching it to people it really matters to me.” 

The two developers have hit the ground running at Finger Food and although they are not currently working on the same projects, they have quickly become friends.

“We like technology – we talk a lot about new technologies and how we can improve coding,” says Gruner, “We like talking about what’s new and what could be better.”

Finger Food is currently hiring for 30+ roles in development across multiple locations with another 24 open positions across the company.

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