The Next wave of realism – Photogrammetry

From bite-sized Brownies to 5,000kg Trucks


You name it – we capture

Finger Food’s ambitious Photogrammetry mission to capture real life items and transform them into digital photorealistic models continues. The company’s R&D efforts continue to produce amazing results in this field, across a wide range of everyday items. Whether sports shoes, bikes, tents, or cars, Finger Food is creating the highest fidelity ultra-realistic models around, that can be used in any medium.

Earlier this year the company launched its MEC Tent Selector app at the new Flagship store in Toronto. The App showcased over 2 dozen real life tents in any space using Augmented Reality. The tents can be seen with and without the fly/canopy and our bespoke rendering algorithm gave realistic transparency to the tent meshes. These renderings allow customers to see the tents in “life-size” form without having to build the tent in-store.

Good enough to eat!

The dedicated photogrammetry team has continued to develop its operational dexterity, utilizing capture solutions that are fully scripted, feature autonomous robotics, and harness the power of Azure Cloud services. The system developed automatically sends data to the Azure cloud storage, then uses Azure Virtual Machines to quickly process each one of the photo-realistic models.

It’s critical that the group continually challenges itself to accurately capture notoriously difficult subject matter that includes a diverse range of objects, as it pertains to size and texture. Finger Food is seeing great success and has filed its own patent this year for a unique process for capturing paper-thin geometry.

The team is also developing new and innovative ways of showcasing our photogrammetric models – we are excited to release something new in January of 2020.

Amazing detail coming right up

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