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Our Culture.

Throughout all our exciting technological escapades over the past 10 years, we’ve found that making a real difference in the world always comes down to the human experience, and the meaning it has to the individual.

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We are building a strong team of diverse people who are elite, intrepid, and adaptive problem-solvers.

Our People.
Our Culture.

Make it count

Our work at Finger Food is a source of identity and growth for our team. We have become a melting pot in which curiosity, collaboration, creativity, and the experimental mind thrives. Our continual goal is to improve that human experience, to find balance and meaning for you, and that’s how we grow together.

We don’t do the easy stuff — we do work that sets the bar for entire industries and becomes the highlight of your career. To enable this, we give you the environment to define and master your craft across a wide spectrum of projects, amongst a broad diversity of skill sets. Finger Food is a workplace where you count and create impact with purpose.

fingers values

It’s difficult to quantify exactly what makes us, us, but we know where it starts. Our culture was born from our core values and genuinely guides our everyday actions. We want those actions to count. For our clients, for our company, and most importantly, for you. We value behaviours and attitudes that go hand-in-hand with our 5 Fingers:

You DO work that impacts the human experience and sets us apart
You OWN your work
Your CRAFT complements your identity and growth
You BALANCE diverse mindsets within your team
You bring unique MEANING to your craft

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Perks & Benefits

We enjoy a relaxed office environment in the beautiful Tri-Cities. We are close to the mountains and the ocean, with the urban vibe of the city at our fingertips.

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Balancing your life
We set high standards for ourselves, by insisting on work-life harmony. We provide full dental and extended health benefits from day one, including reimbursement for holistic health expenses such as acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, and more. Our EAP also provides Employee and Family support through professional counselling and coaching for personal or family challenges.
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Giving meaning to your experience
Once a month, we sit down to eat together. The team lunch is one of our many traditions that help us tighten the bonds between team members that work on unrelated projects. We offer fully-stocked refreshments and free vending machines in our kitchens, because we believe you do your best when you don’t have to think about the basics.
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Crafting your experience
We hire people with diverse strengths, but one is non-negotiable: the desire to improve your craft. We encourage our team to continuously seek out opportunities and challenges both professionally and personally.
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Owning your impact
We are proud of our charitable partnerships, especially our donation of hundreds of robots and iPads to schools and our focus on establishing a coding curriculum in BC. We are diversity cultivators, participating in events that strive to achieve gender equity in tech. We sponsor the Canadian Olympic Women's foil team, and we advocate for environmental conservation.

Interview Process

Our interview process is engaging and gives you further insight into the 5 Finger Values
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We’ll start by reviewing your resume, cover letter, and any other relevant information you provide about yourself. We want to understand how you own your craft, so be sure to include information that showcases your skills and interests, such as your LinkedIn, GitHub profile, portfolio, or website.
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Chat with Us
We’ll email you to schedule a meeting. Tell us what gives you meaning, what you’re passionate about, your accomplishments, and the kinds of challenges that you’re looking for. We want to know the depth of your knowledge as it relates to the role.
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Meet the Team
We’ll ask you to meet our team for a couple of interviews to help us understand if we’re a match. We want to understand what you do that sets you apart. Collaboration, feedback, and discussion are key to all positions at Finger Food Advanced Technology Group™, and we’ll review everyone’s feedback before requesting references.
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References and Offer
We want to hear from the people who’ve worked with you to understand how you balance work, team, and mindsets. Ideally, that feedback comes from previous supervisors or managers. Once we’re confident we have a fit, we’ll send out an official job offer!

Career Opportunities

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