Fundamentally changing big industry with big technology.
The Challenge

We needed to move new truck and parts R&D beyond clay modelling to increase efficiency, facilitate easier decision making and increase manufacturing.

The Solution

We were the first to integrate holographic technology into an industrial workflow, allowing PACCAR to project full scale holographic truck-body design using Microsoft HoloLens.

The Result

We set up PACCAR to increase sales and get new trucks to market faster by allowing rapid 3D prototyping of new designs and facilitating efficient workflow.

Being First Matters

What started as an invitation to meet with the Microsoft Showcases R&D group in Redmond, WA turned into a groundbreaking partnership with PACCAR and a turning point for Finger Food.

In January 2016, Finger Food was among the initial 10 agencies chosen by Microsoft Showcases R&D to design and develop one of the first holographic products – months before the official release of HoloLens. Through this program, we were partnered with industry giant PACCAR, one of the oldest and largest truck manufacturers in the world, the parent company of Kenworth, Leyland, Peterbilt, and DAF trucks.

Our challenge was to respond to two key R&D concerns: how to evolve a tried and true practice of clay modelling for truck and part designs into a more effective prototype method and how to increase the speed in which PACCAR could bring trucks to market by injecting HoloLens into its manufacturing process.

Leveraging the speed, tenacity, and diversity of our team, we immediately began whiteboarding ideas and setting daily development targets to execute our concepts – at a pace that quickly earned us a strong reputation with the Microsoft and PACCAR teams.

Case Study Image

“It’s your work, it’s your expertise, it’s your attitude. I’ve just never worked with anyone like you guys.”

Kevin Collins
GM, Customer Service & Support, Microsoft
Beyond Clay

PACCAR needed a way to improve their industrial workflow. Finger Food became the first company to use Hololens as the solution.

Finger Food’s ability to not just generate concepts, but to rapidly prototype, receive feedback and then pivot in direction was a core reason we succeeded. To ensure we understood the key challenges faced, we embedded our team at the Kenworth's R&D facility, doing a deep dive into their existing processes and mining meaningful data.

We knew that to help PACCAR, we had to slash design time and allow decision makers the ability to envision data in a new way. We decided to reinvent the way this industry leader does business.


Enhancing Their Workflow

Our primary focus was to seamlessly integrate into PACCAR’s existing workflow, building custom pipelines and tools to convert their data to a format that could be viewed on the HoloLens. Additionally, we built a custom render solution and high performance shaders that rendered data to airflow lines, air pressure, and velocity slice visualization.

To guarantee accuracy, we had to ensure our truck holograms would be correctly aligned to the physical trucks. Our team quickly built up an extensive toolset around Microsoft’s core Hololens-anchoring APIs. This created a system to move and align objects both easily and accurately.

Our ability to anticipate different scenarios, rapidly identify potential problems and provide workable solutions meant we provided PACCAR with game changing technology and expert support.

Continuing to Scale

PACCAR has embraced augmented reality as a way to empower decision making and drastically reduce design time. Finger Food has fundamentally transformed a decades old industry.

Integrating Hololens technology into the design process, we were able to provide a 1:1 holographic experience that improved PACCAR’s workflow instrumentally – cutting down the R&D process by 3 months and substantially impacting PACCAR’s ability to deliver ahead of the competition.

With the momentum from this success we have moved forward on a variety of projects spanning the PACCAR brand, utilizing a wide range of technology platforms to drive results.