Innovation Across Every Industry

We deliver technology-driven business solutions that enable companies to move and innovate faster, resulting in tangible ROI and revenue growth.
Advanced Technology

We actively invest in emerging technologies including AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Robotics, and IoT. Harnessing and converging these technology tools, we empower businesses to embrace innovation and take the lead.


We are strong supporters of STEM-based learning initiatives. The Sphero Edu app has over 1 million active users and is used to teach students in over 10,000 schools worldwide. Sphero Arcade has been called the poster child of Swift Playground apps.

Natural Resources

Sensor data, 3D visualization and machine learning together. We work with oil & gas, mining, and forestry companies to clarify data, enhance communication, improve safety, reduce costs, and rethink workflows. For Enbridge, we brought holographic rendering to pipeline integrity assessment, redefining a traditional process and enhancing clarity for pipe experts. With Goldcorp we are enhancing shovel operation to improve safety and mitigate risk on the mine site.


We started as a video game company and our legacy here includes an immense portfolio of work across platforms including Xbox, Android, iOS, PlayStation and more. We are known for creating and delivering highly engaging mobile gaming experiences designed for the user first.


Working with world-class healthcare providers, we develop applications for our clients that meet the needs of individuals, ultimately re-thinking the way patients handle their healthcare needs digitally.


Bringing manufacturing processes into the future with large-scale holographic data visualization, machine learning, and IoT. We enable our manufacturing clients to see product designs or equipment at full scale, and clearly visualize and interpret live data to improve safety, reduce costs, and get products to market faster.


From immersive VR and AR experiences to custom 3D scanning technologies, and indoor location tracking, we help our clients think differently about customer interactions and ultimately redefine the customer experience.

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