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Delivering an evolution in the fit and feel of sports bras by capturing a woman’s unique movement profile.
The Challenge

lululemon wants each of their guests to have the best-feeling bra possible and years of research has shown that supporting a woman’s unique breast movement can do this. But despite their knowledge and selection of sports bras, lululemon didn’t have a way to bring this extensive research to retail stores to help the guest find her perfect bra.

The Solution

In close partnership with lululemon, we delivered a personalized, in-store experience that captures the unique breast movement profiles of women during exercise, while also documenting their unique feel preferences and physical makeups.

The Result

This experience lets lululemon educators recommend the perfect sports bra to give each woman her ideal fit and feel. By capturing a woman’s unique movement signature, we’re defining the future of technical sports bras.

& science

Whitespace, lululemon’s R&D department, is pioneering the way we experience clothing with ‘The Science of Feel’, their unique, human-first approach to improving performance and potential. We set out to deliver guests their best feeling bra using this approach and Whitespace’s key insight that every woman has a breast movement signature that, much like a fingerprint, is totally unique to her. By accurately measuring guests’ biomechanical signatures, anatomy and feel preferences we could correctly match them to a bra engineered for their physical needs and designed for their unique preferences.

how it

Within an in-store fitting consultation, the lululemon bra specialist attaches small, lightweight, bluetooth sensors to the guest, and then invites her to run on a treadmill. The sensors measure how her breasts move while she’s running and then send this data to our app. We use an algorithm to analyze the data and identify her signature breast movement. We also ask her preferred activities and how she wants her sports bra to feel. Then we combine all this data to recommend the perfect bra for her.


The project exemplifies the way we work with lululemon to seamlessly integrate technology into in-store experiences, delivering the perfect fit.