Augmented reality and Photogrammetry are transforming customer retail experiences.
The Challenge

MEC, Canada’s go-to place for outdoor gear, partnered with Finger Food to co-develop a solution that solves the problem of how to showcase the company’s vast range of tents without taking up valuable real estate. 50 assembled tents would easily take up the floor-space of a typical MEC store.

The Solution

Using its proprietary Photogrammetry rig and Azure-powered data processing pipeline, Finger Food created an Augmented Reality app that works on mobile devices and is adapted for the Hololens.

The Result

An app that showcases highly realistic, life-size ‘virtual’ tent models that communicates key product information such as size, capacity, and aesthetics. This is all viewed through an augmented reality viewer or Hololens, allowing customers to quickly make tent buying decisions, without necessarily setting foot in the store.

The Process

photo realistic
3d models

Photogrammetry is at the cutting edge of photo-realistic object creation.

It is the quickest and most scalable way to accurately create true life-like texturing. Finger Food’s custom rigs lead the industry, when it comes to multi-scale photogrammetry.

Scanning every
tent imaginable

Augmented reality
app integration

The culmination of the project was in the launch of an AR-based iPad application, that utilises AR Kit, Microsoft Azure and Unity to bring the tents to life!
MEC application available in App store

user experience
as a result

The app is designed to create a seamless highly visual customer experience that bring tents to life, right before their eyes.

Endless Options

Finger Food’s custom photogrammetry rig is built to capture images large and small. In the past 18 months, we’ve had cars, teddy bears, food items and many other objects come into our Holodeck.

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